Achievement drive    Zero G
Unlocked Redrock Bluffs
Cost 37145
Speed FUEL Bar 4
Acceleration FUEL Bar 4
Grip FUEL Bar 3
Brake FUEL Bar 4
Reliability FUEL Bar 3
Asphalt FUEL Bar 3
Off-road FUEL Bar 3

  • One of the mid-tier mixed-road buggies, the Zero G is a fun, although somewhat hard to master, little buggy to have
  • To start with, this thing is incredibly quick off the line, able to get up to it's top speed of 105 mph in a few seconds on asphalt and dirt roads
  • It's handling is both sensitive and drifty but very quick and responsive, able to drift full turns then turn into another at max speed without overturning or underturning and loses almost no speed at all while doing so
  • This vehicle is very light with very loose suspension and a powerful engine, unfortunately these strengths become this vehicle's biggest flaw: it's off-road performance
  • Off-road performance is horrendous, it's just bad. The reason for this is as mentioned above, the lightness, loose suspension and engine causes this buggie's tires to spin far to quickly to gain any grip or traction. This thing can't gain speed on pure off-road even while going on a slight downhill incline
  • Probably the most prime example of the term "mixed road" as this thing excels at asphalt and dirt road performance, with no off-road performance. In order to win with this thing, you need to be quick and reactive to keep up with it's speed and drifting. (like The Bullet)

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