Registry edit required.

  1. Launch the game once to adjust Video options to your liking. You can then Quit the launcher app.
  2. In regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fuel
    • Edit the VideoResolution value.
      • 5040 x 1050 : 41a13b0
      • 3840 x 800   : 3200f00
      • 3840 x 1024 : 4000f00
  3. Launching the game through GameSetup.exe seems to override any manual registry edits. So change your shortcut's target to SecuLauncher.exe or you'll be back to a single-screen res.

If you ever need to run GameSetup later, don't forget to re-edit VideoResolution in the registry afterwards. ( To improve visual quality, you might want to disable Shadow Maps in Surround resolutions. To do so without using GameSetup, simply enter 0 as the VideoShadowMap value.

Effects on HUD

Beyond a 16:9 AR, the HUD is affected in a number of ways (top to bottom) :

  • Unlike Dirt 2 or Assassins Creed 2 the game doesn't recognize the fact there are 3 screens, so the HUD isn't on the center monitor, but spread over all three.
  • The compass kind of inflates (big letters) but is fully functional
  • The 'smart GPS' (flying red arrows) scales correctly
  • The timers' and opponents list's frames stretch but all text scales correctly
  • The tachometer and damage gauge stretch
  • The lower part of the 'dirt mask' doesn't stretch past a 16:9 rectangle, the left and right part will be placed on the left and right monitor, you can clearly see all rectangles left, right and bottom.
  • The minimap is Vert- (the main map is, too), which is the only real issue.

Triple monitor view