FUEL provides quite a few in-game tips you should be aware of, to get the most out of the game.

The Goods

  • Running low on fuel? Look for oil drums on the field!
  • Check the wrecks on the field to get new liveries!
  • There are 3 Doppler Trucks in each zone. They know the location of points of interest!


  • Vista points offer amazing sights. Check them out!
  • What you see is where you get.
FUEL Psychotic Fox


  • Visit a camp with enough Stars to get the rights over the zone's heliports.
  • Visiting Special Camps will expand your choice in the shop.


  • Use the heliports on your Map to explore the world faster.
  • You can instantly go back to a vista point you have already visited, using your map.

Vehicle Tips

  • Heavier vehicles may lack nimbleness but they are tough and don't get easily hindered by obstacles.
  • Bikes and quads are nimble, but they easily crash when colliding with things.

Race Tips

  • Challenges are a good source of FUEL; you shouldn't skip them.
  • In Raids, speed and skill alone won't yield victory: you need to be smarter than your opponents. No brain, no gain!
  • In races where the GPS is forbidden, your mini-map will become your best friend.
  • Just because you can take extreme shortcuts, doesn't mean you should.
  • You should take extra care while driving off-road: crashes are harder to anticipate.
  • Knowing when you need to respawn manually and when you shouldn't will save you precious seconds.
  • When starting a race, your garage only features the vehicles that meet the requirements.
  • You think you're good? Try playing online. It's a jungle out there!

Take a Break!

  • Take a free ride break between races. At least you can't lose there...
  • Take a fifteen-minute break every hour. The game isn't going to vanish, is it? (Just that maverick you were chasing.)