Achievement camp    The Hangar
The Hangar
Map Icons Career Stars Stars needed ~72 The huge Zeppelin hangar is reminiscent of the earliest slow-as-hell long-distance luxury flights. The winged polluters finally got the upper hand and the hangar is now ours to shelter our good old down-to-earth vehicles between events!
Map Icons Career Stars Career Stars 9
Map Icons Challenges Challenges 10
Map Icons Vehicle Liveries Vista Points 5
Map Icons Vista Points Vehicle Liveries 7
Map Icons Doppler Trucks Doppler Trucks 3
Map Icons Bonus Cars Bonus Car(s) -

General Info

The Hanger
  • Ironically, the actual hanger plays little part in the actual zone.
  • Relatively flat. It is a less rugged version of Dry Rigs.
  • All vehicle types welcome

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