FUEL Stormrider
Achievement drive    Stormrider
Unlocked Drownington Cove
Cost 14475
Speed FUEL Bar 3
Acceleration FUEL Bar 2
Grip FUEL Bar 3
Brake FUEL Bar 2
Reliability FUEL Bar 3
Asphalt FUEL Bar 3
Off-road FUEL Bar 3
Max Speed 102mph

  • This average, mixed muscle car is one of the most sensible vehicles in FUEL. It's not slow but not fast either, so it is quite an easy-going car. It tends to be a bit drifty, especially on dirt roads. And, like most muscle cars, if you end up off-road in the weeds it's liable to drift out of control in odd directions.
  • Based off the 1975 Ford Gran Torino, there's a livery that can make it like like the Ford from Starsky & Hutch (tv show). One of the biggest design features is its off center blower, the General Custer being the only other car that shares that similarity.