FUEL Slipstream
Achievement drive    Slipstream
Unlocked Dustbowl City
Cost 75050
Speed FUEL Bar 6
Acceleration FUEL Bar 6
Grip FUEL Bar 6
Brake FUEL Bar 5
Reliability FUEL Bar 1
Asphalt FUEL Bar 6
Off-road FUEL Bar 1

  • The best street bike you can get, this thing eats asphalt and shits out victory
  • For starters, top speed is 130mph. If that wasn't enough, the fluid handling / cornering blows through minor twisties like they were nothing, and a quick tap of the handbrake lets you cut 90-degree & hair-pins accurately. While you might lose some speed on tight corners, the insane, on-road grip & acceleration will have you blowing past 100mph again before blinking an eye.
  • While it's obviously the best street bike, the Slipstream also gives the Valkyrie a run for its money on wide dirt-roads. Its drifting is easily controlled, and its grip/accleration lets you easily recover from minor mistakes. While it theoretically has a higher top-speed than the Valkyrie on dirt-roads, the bike bounces so much while dirt-roading that you'll find your top speed constantly bouncing up and down as well (where-as the Valkyrie hugs the dirt road more, staying in contact with it, letting it top it's 100mph more regularly). If it came down to a dirt-road race between a Valkyrie and a Slipstream, it would really just be driver skill that determined the winner, because both are equally well-equipped for it (and fun to ride on it!).
  • That being said, narrow dirt paths (especially ones that corner tightly) and off-roading is the achilles heel of the Slipstream (like all street bikes). Occasional bumps into the weeds while sticking to dirt-roads or asphalt is easily forgiveable, since the bike's momentum carries it through. And, if you can get momentum, you can usually cut through short off-road segments (the grip will still be manageable to steer). But, if you come to a stop off-road, trying to get going again will feel like your tires are made of butter. Generally, on flat, off-road parts, you'll spin around 30mph while your rev-limiter ticks away and you try to get going. It can take some time to actually get going, but once you do you can usually get up to 60mph or so. So, off-road recovery can be hit or miss. If you go desperately flying off the track (especially if you'd have to climb an off-road hill to get back on it) it would be faster to just hit the "recovery" key. 
  • Modeled off of liter racing bikes (1000cc+), but for some reason has off-road tires on it. (Except for the headlights, looks a lot like this off-road-modded Ducati , although that Ducati was done several years after FUEL was created)

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