Achievement camp    Offshore Shack
Offshore Shack
Map Icons Career Stars Stars needed - You're as green as the grass here, and this is where careers of rookies like you take off. So sharpen your teeth and jump into the competition!
Map Icons Career Stars Career Stars 9
Map Icons Challenges Challenges 10
Map Icons Vehicle Liveries Vista Points 5
Map Icons Vista Points Vehicle Liveries 7
Map Icons Doppler Trucks Doppler Trucks 3
Map Icons Bonus Cars Bonus Car(s) -

Career Races (3)

The High Octane Inn

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Race - High Octane Inn03:22

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Race - High Octane Inn


  • Circuit Race (3 Laps)
  • 8 Entrants
  • Mixed Offroad
  • Quad
  • Each Difficulty ... +1 Star, +580 FUEL
  • Any Difficulty ... Pants, Coarse Fabric Pants design, Vista Doppler
  • If you haven't unlocked any other zones you'll need to purchase the Mosquito for this. Unfortunately, it doesn't do all that well on this race. There are a couple of areas to short-cut, but the tight hair-pin turns make it tricky to keep your speed up. I recommend completing the other two races on Legendary to unlock Tsunami Reef (at 6 stars), then purchase the Deathwing to come back and dominate this race on Legendary.

Leap of Faith

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Race - Leap Of Faith-001:48

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Race - Leap Of Faith-0


  • Checkpoint Race (4)
  • 8 Entrants
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Bike
  • Each Difficulty ... +1 Star, +440 FUEL
  • Any Difficulty ... Army Helmet, Bullseye Army Helmet Design, Challenges Doppler

Lakeside Run

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Race - Lakeside Run03:10

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Race - Lakeside Run


  • Checkpoint Race (13)
  • 8 Entrants
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Buggy
  • Each Difficulty ... +1 Star, +660 FUEL
  • Any Difficulty ... T-Shirt, Angel Wings T-Shirt Design, Liveries Doppler

Challenges (10)

Note: Offshore Shack is the only zone that awards 2000 FUEL for its challenges. All other zones award 4000.


FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Blitz03:34

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Blitz


  • 1 Entrant
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Buggy (Psychotic Fox)
  • Your first race to develop your love/hate relationship with the Blitz style. There are few short-cuts in this one. The ones you get are easy to see coming (eg: jumping a road shoulder to hit a checkpoint a tad faster instead of power-sliding around a corner), but are only used to keep you going not necessarily to net you a ton of extra time. Don't get fancy early on. Don't slide all over the trail, just straight-line it (you're driving an off-road vehicle, so there's not much speed lost). Stick to the course early, and focus on hitting the checkpoints to accumulate as much spare time as you can. You're going to need it towards the end when the time between checkpoints gets tight several times.

Checkpoint Race

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Checkpoint Race05:09

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Checkpoint Race


  • 8 Entrants
  • Mostly Road
  • Muscle Car (The Bullet)
  • Oh look... it's The Bullet again. Take the previous solo Checkpoint Run, double the amount of corners you have to slide around, and add a bunch of assholes getting in your way. Welcome to Frustration-ville. Population: You. From the start if you can sneak in between the two bozo's in front of you you'll a) prevent yourself from slamming into the rear-end of the guy in front of you (slowing you down), and b) probably slip by about 1/2 the competition as they wander around like cats on the course getting going. If you can't, then expect these morons to get in your way and push you off the course. If they do... might as well restart. Right after the start there's 3-4 90 degree turns, so slow down to 40-50mph to take them. The next hair-pins and corners aren't too bad, because they're either very wide or uphill (which naturally slows The Bullet to a manageable speed). This might make you cocky, and that can kill you since later hair-pins & 90 degree turns are sharp and either downhill or on flat terrain. So, no matter how bad-ass you drifted on previous turns, remember to slow down to 40-50mph to handle the later stuff, especially the transitions between dirt and street and vice-versa. Flying off the road or overshooting the turn then sitting there spinning your tires to get going as the competition flies by while laughing at you is a sure-fire way to lose the race. Can probably get away with it once, but if you do it multiple times you might as well restart.. There will be a very minor short-cut where you can cut through some weeds to get to a checkpoint (and the weeds will slow you making the cornering a lot easier). But, other than that there's not much forgiveness in this one. Thankfully most of the AI drives like grandma on Sunday.

Checkpolnt Run

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Checkpoint Run02:09

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Checkpoint Run


  • 1 Entrants
  • Mostly Road
  • Muscle Car (The Bullet)
  • Take one of the worst muscle cars to do hair-pin drifting ... and stick it on a course with lots of hair-pin drifting. The time limit on this one offers little room for error (maybe one slip up into the weeds and recovery if you make it quick). The good thing is that the hair-pin turns aren't too sharp, some are uphill (which naturally slows you to a more controlled drift), and take place on dirt roads where The Bullet seems to drift better (than asphalt). Just remember to slow down to 40-50mph to take those sharp corners, and you should do fine. Might still find yourself biting your nails towards the finish line. There's not exactly any decent short-cuts for the The Bullet on this one.

Chopper Chase

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Chopper Chase01:55

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Chopper Chase


  • 2 Entrants (You & the Chopper)
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Quad (Mosquito)
  • You can follow the chopper pretty easy on this one. You'll need to cut off the road down a big hill to do so around the start, so be careful not to get too banged up. Other than that, just stay on the road and tail it. Towards the end the chopper will bo inbetween the street you're on a dirt-road to the right. Take the dirt-road to the right, since it leads to the finish. (You can stay on the street if you want, but you'll need to cut through the weeds to get to the finish. It's easy to win this one regardless).


FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Endurance08:34

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Endurance


  • 8 Entrants
  • All Road
  • Quad (Mosquito)
  • And 8 mile race with a checkpoint at about the 4 mile mark. It's not too difficult, but some of the AI's do a good job of picking shortcuts. From the very start head to the left where you can hit a street and gain an early lead. As a mixed-roader, The Mosquito handles better on asphalt and dirt roads. But, don't be afraid to cut across forests and fields if it gets you an advantage. The first half of the race is up in the air as to which route you take, but generally just bee-line it to the checkpoint while riding trails and roads if they sprout up. After the check point, you'll be bee-lining to the finish through some scruff. There's a dirt trail here and there, but it's mostly off-road. At about the 3.5 mile mark you'll run into a street. Follow it, and use your GPS's recommendations to stick with streets until about the 1 mile mark. From there, you can either keep following your GPS or take a dirt road to the right. Either way, there's an off-road stretch for about the last 1/4 mile to the finish. Keep an eye on your mini-map, because the AI likes to sneak up on you and sometimes gives you good ideas of what roads to take. (Other times they're about as sharp as a sack of wet mice in choosing their routes).


FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Knockout02:52

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Knockout


  • 12 Entrants
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Bike (Sludgeray)
  • FUEL shines with off-road motorcycle races, and while the Sludgeray is the runt of the litter it's still fun to ride. This challenge is all about letting you cheat / short-cut your way to victory. Quite simply, you have to be the worst rider in the world to lose this one. From the very start, bee-line towards the first check-point while the competition takes the long way around. This will put you in front, so no jack-asses to worry about. From there you can literally just bee-line to each checkpoint. But, if you want to be efficient stick to the dirt trails when possible. (Off-roading on the Sludgeray gets you ~65mph while dirt-roading gets you ~75mph, so staying on the dirt trails, even just a little, is worth it. You don't have to follow every twisty, just stick to the general direction of it). The off-road short-cuts are telegraphed a mile away, and by the time you near the finish line you probably won't see any competitors on your mini-map. Savor the easy victory, because there's some ball-busting races later on to balance things out.


FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Raid02:41

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Raid


  • 10 Entrants
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Bike (Sludgeray)
  • An easy one for the Sludgeray. It's tempting to just make a bee-line right to the end off-road, but try to stick to the roads as much as possible. You'll get better speed, and have less things to dodge. When the road makes a drastic detour away from the end point, that's when it's time to cut off-road and let the competition take the long way around.


FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Seek'n'Destroy01:18

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Seek'n'Destroy


  • 2 Entrants (You & Target)
  • Mostly Road
  • Muscle Car (The Bullet)
  • The Bullet is very drifty, so it's easy to fish-tail with it. Your first major hurdle will be a sharp corner on the street you start on. Slow down to 40-50mph to take it, straighten up, then lay on the gas to get going again. Your target will head down the street until it intersects with another street, and make a right onto it. Transitioning to this next street is another cautionary (40-50mph) drift. Once you do you shouldn't have any major problems catching up. If you can get used to the "slow down then drift" method now, it'll help you in later Bullet challenges.

Speed Run

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Speed Run02:42

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Speed Run


  • 1 Entrant
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Buggy (Psychotic Fox)
  • An easy race with a few short-cuts to take advantage of. Your Psychotic Fox will make short work of it.

Wild Track (2 Laps)

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Wild Track04:46

FUEL - Offshore Shack - Challenge - Wild Track


  • 7 Entrants
  • Mostly Offroad
  • Buggy (Psychotic Fox)
  • See if you can pass a few opponents off the start, but just focus on getting to the checkpoints. Veer to the left, and it'll make it easier to round into the uphill turn to the right. After about the second checkpoint, make a hard right to cut down the hill onto the street checkpoint while the competition takes the long way around. Do this each lap, and you'll have a major advantage and win this race easy. There's another annoying right turn onto a dirt trail nestled into a steep hill. You can try cutting up the steep hill and see if you can goal-post between trees, or just round the corner some how. When you hit the downhill area with two checkpoints, slow down quite a bit using your brakes to make a slow hair-pin turn without sliding out of control. This will keep you from wasting time spinning your tires to get going again. You may have to run it a couple of times to figure out when to cut corners and when not to, but overall your Psychotic Fox can dominate this one easy with the major short-cut past the second checkpoint.

Vista Points (5)

Shack 2

View of Raven Lake

  • Grand Hill: West of Helipad near north-eastern border of Zone.
  • Pony Creek: North-east of Lakeside Run, along coast of Yellowstone Lake.
  • Raven Lake: Along a tiny peninsula along southern end of Shoshone Lake.
  • Little Valley: South of Helipad in north-western corner of Zone.
  • Wolf Mountain: North-north-east of Camp and south-west of Helipad by northern border of Zone.

Liveries (7)


Bullet - Tuxedo Livery Location

  • The Bullet: Deadly Spikes - North of Lakeside Run, off to the right of the road.
  • The Bullet: The Tuxedo - On a peninsula almost directly south of Camp on the east side of Shoshone Lake.
  • Sludgeray: Snake Eye - North-east of the Grand Hill Vista Point.
  • Sludgeray: Snake Scales - On the peninsula near the south-western end of Shoshone Lake.
  • Psychotic Fox: Spikes - On an island along the north western coast of Yellowstone Lake.
  • Psychotic Fox: Crosswrenches - North-east of where you found ˜Deadly Spikes, on the other side of the valley.
  • Mosquito: Spatter - South-east from where you found The Tuxedo at the bottom of a valley off on the side of the road.

Doppler Trucks

  • Challenges: South-eastern area of Zone.
  • Liveries: South-western area of Zone north of Helipad.
  • Vista Points: North-eastern area of Zone, west of Yellowstone Lake.

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