A brief explanation of the GPS basics — the Global Positioning System — in FUEL.

Toggling the GPS Edit

You can enable the GPS in options menu.

For the PC version, when you press Enter in-game more than once you can toggle the different modi:

  • No compass — No GPS arrows.
  • Compass + GPS arrows (in a race or with GPS marker).

Effect Edit

You will see red arrows pointing the way.

FUEL Cheyenne

Notes Edit

The GPS will work differently on different roads. E.g. when on hard roads (asphalt) it will use hard roads for GPS only (most of the time, at least).

The Bonesaw is the vehical that the GPS works best with

Races Edit

Here it will work automatically when you have it enabled.

Free Ride ModeEdit

In the PC version of FUEL:

  • Select Map
  • Use Cursor keys to scroll to were you plan to go.
  • Use U and I to zoom in and out.
  • Press E-key to place your GPS marker.