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Achievement fuel The FUEL Encyclopedia

An in-depth guide for the driving / exploration game developed by Asobo Studio in 2009 started by Mantoast

Warning: The FUEL Wiki contains spoilers.

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Achievement fuel News

  • 08/03/15 - For PC / Steam Users, FUEL works with Windows 10. However, not with the default Games For Windows Live (GFWL) that comes with it. Instead you have to download / install the GFWL version on Microsoft's site. Didn't need to tweak anything else, so I guess that's better then it not working at all. Going to comment more on this in the Game Setup section. Happyhamster
  • 07/28/15 - Found a way to Skip Setup Launcher, that way you can start the game directly instead of wasting time seeing that stupid thing pop up just to press "Play". I spend some free time reworking the FUEL shader files to see if I can make the game look and run better, and quite frankly seeing the launcher for the millionth time got annoying. Before you ask, I haven't made any major break-throughs with the shaders. They're a hot mess, and I'm mostly just refactoring the HLSL code to have it make sense before I try for major changes. This all started, because I wanted to get those damn ground shadows to look better. I thought it would be an easy tweak. Oh, silly me. The way they do some things in the shaders is confusing and not explained well (half the comments in the code are in french, so...). A lot of the "meat" of the code (eg: to do shadows and light scattering) is very sloppily written making it very obtuse what it's doing. So, a lot of sorting it out is spent with trial and error to see what does what. The code looks like 3-4 different worked on it, and they slapped it all together in a rush at the end to quickly ship the game without warning. There's whole shader files that aren't even used for the game (ie: you can delete them and the game runs fine), and there's whole chunks of code that don't work or do anything (eg: code for anti-aliasing, as we've stated in the wiki pages here)the garbage files around... ridiculous!) My goal was the condense, consolidate, and organize this code (refactor), then see if I can a) get feature code they made to work (like anti-aliasing), b) try to add some new features. The main issue is I can't figure out how to use an external compiler to see if my changes compile; I'm stuck loading the game each time to see if the shaders compile. It's essentially a non-stop cycle of "make tiny thing, start game, do shaders compile? ... yes, ok, keep going ... no? Well, good luck figuring out what blew up, because there's no error log to give you any guidance." I do this for fun, but maybe one day I can post the modified shaders to modDB or something to let folks use them. I'm hoping they will at least provide a bit of game performance improvement as I have some things pre-calculating and doing stuff in a more efficient way. However, as it is right now I've also broken a few things I need to go back and fix (eg: as cars take damage they get a Hall of Mirrors effect instead of showing the proper damage graphic). Death by a thousand cuts and all that... Happyhamster
  • 03/27/15 - You can use your ATI / Nvidia graphic card control panel to do Advanced Graphics Setup. FUEL's setup loader has options for AA, Anisotropic, etc that don't work. Your gfx card can force that stuff on through it's own control panel, though. Your results may vary, but it's better then nothing. Happyhamster
  • 03/25/15 - Cap FPS to Optimize Performance on newer graphics cards, otherwise their high FPS output will cause wonky stuff (eg: mystery trucks, dopplers and mavericks move ridiculously fast in the distance, overall vehicle performance degrades making some vehicles unuseable, etc). This is easily done by using your gfx card's control panel to force Vsync on when playing FUEL. (This caps the FPS to your monitor's refresh rate, usually 60). Happyhamster
  • 03/10/15 - Found a way to unlock hidden developer races. This adds 2500+ more races to the game. It's basically a huge catalog of Race Editor races the devs created to test things. Easy to unlock, so give them a shot. Happyhamster

  • 03/06/14 - Found this wikia, and decided to update various things. Hopefully it doesn't come across as anal-retentive. Happyhamster
  • 03/06/14 - Cardesigner uploaded some really great screen-caps of various zones, and posted them to the zone pages.
  • 03/05/14 — Games For Windows Live (GFWL) retires July 2014. Codemasters patched it out of some of their games, but not FUEL. If you already own it on Steam you'll need to do some tweaking to get it going. They pulled it from the Steam store, so only way to get it now is if someone swaps it to you via Steam, or you buy a used game / console CD.
  • 09/09/10 — Curtsey of AEon the wiki now features an extensive FAQ: The FUEL FAQ.
  • 30/08/10 — Wiki is getting a complete overhaul by AEon, this includes layout updates for all pages, data correction, new expanded content, and spiffy cut-out images for all vehicles.
  • 25/05/10 — New setup page added with info how to run the game with 3 monitors or without motion blur.
  • 20/08/09 — Jgr9 added an improved world map and a link to his "Google Map" version... and updated the update news. Am I the only one who is going to update this now? :(
  • 14/06/09 — Between Tullen666, Carbs91 and myself we have added more info on vehicles and the cities, Keep up the good work guys!
  • 12/06/09 — What some free gear? Well try our Bonus Codes page
  • 12/06/09 — Achievements page has been added including the 4 secret achievements
  • 10/06/09 — I have added a city template so all the cities now have a page, but not all of them have the correct/info on them yet.
  • 07/06/09 — Fuel Wiki is born, the site might have lots missing for the moment, but give it time and this place should be full of all the info you need and more.

Achievement drive Vehicles (75)

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Achievement camp Zones (19)

Big Cauldron's Edge
Big Cleave
Blacktrail Pass
Dead Lady's Lake
Drownington Cove
Dry Rigs
Dustbowl City
Firemoor Fields
Offshore Shack
Pinwheels Ridge

Rainier Peak
Redrock Bluffs
Roughwood Hill
Smokester's Crater
Stargazers' Heights
The Ashtray
The Hangar
The White Flats
Tsunami Reef

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