FUEL Easyrider
Achievement drive    Easyrider
Unlocked Drownington Cove
Cost 12685
Speed FUEL Bar 5
Acceleration FUEL Bar 3
Grip FUEL Bar 6
Brake FUEL Bar 3
Reliability FUEL Bar 1
Asphalt FUEL Bar 6
Off-road FUEL Bar 1
Max Speed 118mph

  • An upgraded City Hunter, this handsome little cross country bike is a solid choice
  • It has very good speed and acceleration on asphalt, able to get up to top speed fairly quickly
  • Off-road performance is moderate for a pure asphalt motorcycle
  • Somewhat sluggish to turn as its tires are very wide and wheel base very long, this causes cornering and hairpin turns to be very difficult
  • 1000cc+ cruiser featuring base-influence from old-school Indian bikes teamed with modern customizations.