Doppler Truck


Chasing a liveries Doppler Truck on GPS.

Doppler Trucks (or DOW, Doppler on Wheels, as they're known in the real world) are radar trucks that reveal all locations of a specific item in your current zone when you crash into them:

Map Icons Challenge Doppler Red unlocks all Challenges

Map Icons Doppler Livery Blue unlocks all Liveries

Map Icons Doppler Trucks Green unlocks all Vista Points

  • In-game they take the form of plain, white Bonesaw trucks.
  • Their locations are awarded after certain races in each zone.
  • Your map shows their icons, and you can generally find a heliport to bring you in closer
  • You'll need to keep referring to your map for the general direction to go, but once you get close their icon will show up on your GPS HUD.

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