FUEL uses the .bik file format for movies. Unfortunately, you can't simply create empty .txt files, and rename them to .bik to replace them. The game will show a big, fat "The Disk Cannot Be Read" error message while trying to load the Codemasters logo movie (INTRO.bik).

However, you can google for "blank .bik file" to find one folks have made for other games. The one I found was 2kb in size. Copy / Paste it for each movie you want to replace. Rename them, etc, etc. The best one to replace is "INTRO.bik", since it gets immensely annoying waiting (or esc'ing) past the Codemasters logo every time.

(Side note, I used to think this impacted FPS. But, it doesn't. Seems Bandicam had an FPS limiter built into it that was messing with things.)

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