FUEL Deathwing
Achievement drive    Deathwing
Unlocked Tsunami Reef
Cost 4410
Speed FUEL Bar 2
Acceleration FUEL Bar 2
Grip FUEL Bar 3
Brake FUEL Bar 3
Reliability FUEL Bar 2
Asphalt FUEL Bar 3
Off-road FUEL Bar 3
Max Speed 97mph

  • This ATV is considerably faster than it says. It is a phenomenal ATV.
  • Grip is reasonable, (better than some of the off-road ATV's you get at the same time in the game), and its drifting capability is tight and easy to control.
  • Not as good off-road as pure off-road ATV's, but off-road performance is very forgiving when taken at high speed and for short stretches.
  • Since it's a mixed road vehicle, hill climbing capability is a bit lackluster compared to other ATV's.
  • The Deathwing is a reverse-trike setup, even though, it has four wheels, which while uncommon, is seen mostly in motorcycles, ATV's and buggies.