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Achievement camp    Dead Lady's Lake
Dead Lady's Lake
Map Icons Career Stars Stars needed ~72 This lake is said to be haunted by the ghost of a dead lady that would've drowned there on a night of full moon... Not quite sure this is any spookier than all that nuclear waste they poured in the pond, though. Editor Description: who was the idiot who has changed all Races' data by the Drownington Cove races' data???
Map Icons Career Stars Career Stars 9
Map Icons Challenges Challenges 10
Map Icons Vehicle Liveries Vista Points 5
Map Icons Vista Points Vehicle Liveries 7
Map Icons Doppler Trucks Doppler Trucks 3
Map Icons Bonus Cars Bonus Car(s) -


Chasing the Lady's Ghost

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Race - Asphalt Frenzy04:23

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Race - Asphalt Frenzy


  • Checkpoint Race
  • 28 Checkpoints
  • Mostly Dirt roads
  • Rewards: 6580 Fuel per skill level, Flame Soft Jacket, Vista Doppler
  • Scarily, it finishes on the lake
  • A wrecked boat and two offshore structures which may be oil rigs are visible in the water at the end of the course. For some reason, they are not permenant features of the world, but are 'props' which dissapear once the race is over, much like the barriers and the parked trucks along the course.

Peaks and Water

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Race - A Bridge Too Far03:46

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Race - A Bridge Too Far


  • Circuit / Lap Race
  • Mixed Motorcycle&ATV's
  • Dirt & Asphalt Roads and Off-Road Terrain

Highway to the Lake

  • Checkpoint race
  • On-road and mixed road Buggy race
  • Mostly roads
  • Rewards: 6260 Fuel per skill level, Patched Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Liveries Doppler

The race starts off on a short dirt section, drive off the edge instead of turning right for a shortcut jump over a corner onto tarmac and to the first checkpoint. Drive to the left of the road and avoid the first ramp, the AI drivers will take it and lose speed allowing you to overtake them along the straight road section. Checkpoints 1-7 are on a winding mountain road with no shortcuts but where some corners can be cut. Checkpoint 8 is a handbrake turn switchback towards a dirt road leading to Checkpoint 9 before a jump back onto paved roads. Checkpoints 11-14 are on an uphill dirt road section where it is the best chance for mixed-road buggies to overtake the road buggies. Checkpoint 15 contains a ramp which is a shortcut jump onto the final dirt section, disregard the GPS arrows and turn blindly to the right as the ramp is not visible under a crest in the road. The course ends with a sprint to the finish on tarmac.



FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Blitz02:43

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Blitz


  • The Tomahawk motorcycle

Chopper Chase

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Chopper Chase01:10

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Chopper Chase


  • Bone Crusher monster truck

Checkpoint Race

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Checkpoint Race03:06

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Checkpoint Race


  • The Sabretooth SUV

Checkpoint Run

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Checkpoint Run02:45

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Checkpoint Run


  • Speed Demon ATV


FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Endurance08:17

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Endurance


  • The Bullfrog monster truck


FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Knockout02:36

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Knockout


  • Stormrider muscle car


FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Raid07:46

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Raid


  • Shuriken motorcycle


FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Seek'n'Destroy01:22

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Seek'n'Destroy


  • The Bullet muscle car

Speed Run

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Speed Run02:42

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Speed Run


  • City Hunter motorcycle

Wild Track

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Wild Track02:47

FUEL - Drownington Cove - Challenge - Wild Track


  • Shuriken motorcycle

General Info

Dead Lady's Lake 1

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