FUEL Damocles
Achievement drive    Damocles
Unlocked The White Flats
Cost Maverick
Speed FUEL Bar 6
Acceleration FUEL Bar 6
Grip FUEL Bar 3
Brake FUEL Bar 5
Reliability FUEL Bar 2
Asphalt FUEL Bar 6
Off-road FUEL Bar 1
Max Speed 213mph

  • The good ... fastest vehicle in the game with an insane acceleration to get it there. It can tear down streets with amazing speed and reasonable handling as long as you don't hit too many twisties. Moderately successful on dirt roads as long as you keep speeds around 120mph (which can be tricky given the acceleration), and can keep it from fish-tailing out of control. 
  • The bad ... off-roading sucks (it's a dragster, what did you expect?)
  • The ugly ... if you hit anything at high speed, you're basically respawning. If you fly off into the weeds, you're basically respawning (because it would take too long to get back on the road). Its speed pushes the game engine's limit (older computers & gfx cards may not be able to render fast enough). Can only be used in its race at The White Flats.
  • It's got the engine of a top fuel dragster, but the body is like a jet dragster
  • A popular glitch in the Xbox version of the game is to join someone you've recently met in online free-roam whilst you're in the event. It will put you into free-roam with the Damocles, but be wary of the rendering whilst at top speed.
  • On PC it's possible to unlock it with the debug console.