FUEL comes with a built-in race editor, but didn't come with any other modding tools. There are, however, some known cheats and mods to make things interesting.

Use Any Vehicle

  • Start Race
  • Go into map view
  • Press 'T' to cycle over to vehicles

You can only do this once per race (because your vehicle option is grayed out after you do this the first time). There's no rush or time limit to do this, so you don't have to worry about mashing the key quickly. You can do this any time during the race as long as you haven't opened the map view yet. You just have to be sure to hit 'T' as your first key, because if you hit 'Y' to go the other way the vehicle selection will get automatically grayed out.

While the obvious use of this is to blatantly cheat like a SOB (subbing in a better vehicle to win an annoying challenge or race), you can also use it to make what you want of the game:

  • You can limit yourself to a specific vehicle class (eg: motorcycles) for all challenges / races
  • You can handicap yourself by subbing in a crappier vehicle or vehicle class

Unlock Hidden Developer Races

For this trick you need to first navigate to your respective FUEL install folder:

  • (Steam): <Steam install>\steamapps\common\fuel\
  • (Retail): \Program Files\Codemasters\FUEL\
  1. Go to "GameTsc\Story" sub-folder
  2. Open "LoadMissionsTsc.tsc" file (make backup first if you'd like)
  3. Delete // from in front of "//BSource GameTsc\%1\indianMissions.tsc"
  4. Save
  5. Play

In other words, the line will change from this...

//BSource GameTsc\%1\indianMissions.tsc this...

BSource GameTsc\%1\indianMissions.tsc

What does this do?

Good ... Unlocks huge number (2500+) of Race Editor courses devs made for testing

Bad ... They don't show up in menu or GPS, so you have to find their start gates manually

Good ... Gives more reason to free ride around!

Bad ... Some of the races are broken (eg: the course outlined doesn't mesh with the checkpoints, so the competitors end up going in a circle like a circuit race while you're hitting check-points like an A-to-B race or the course the AI takes is way out of the way to hit checkpoints while you take a more obvious route.). A lot of unmarked start gates grouped near-by are usually just variations on the same race (different race type, solo vs. competitors, etc, but using same course and finish point). So, you can see quite a bit of repetition at times. Other races are just a blaise A-to-B without even a clock or checkpoints. Some races have a start gate right after finishing. These usually let you run the same course you just ran, but in the opposite direction and sometimes with a variation (eg: with competitors instead of solo).

Good ... As suggested, some of these races have competitors, and (better yet) have vehicles from all categories! (EG: usually just a hodge-podge random assortment of classes and vehicles for you to race against). You start the race with whatever vehicle you're on when you enter it, so be careful bringing a road vehicle to an off-road fight. (Note, the "change vehicle during race" cheat doesn't work during these races.)

Bad ... The AI drivers in these races cheat more then they do on Legendary races. Typically, you'll see the lead four vehicles skate along the road like they're on rails to take an astounding lead, and unless you can find some crazy short-cuts there's usually no chance in hell of catching them.

Essentially you'll see a lot of unmarked start gates showing up (especially around the main drop location for zones and the start locations to GPS-marked career races and challenges). You'll need to ride around a bit to find them, which makes free riding more rewarding when you stumble across a new hidden start gate.

EG1: From Offshore Shack's main drop point (where you start after fast-traveling to that zone), if you head directly north towards the Buggy Speed challenge marker on your GPS you'll come across a road that has start gates spread all over it. Keep riding and you'll notice even more scattered all over. Each of these is a different race: some solo, some competitive (with mixed vehicle class!). However, they all seem to go towards the same Finish Line up in the mountain.

EG2: From Cauldron's Edge main drop point (at the ski lodge race course), you can head down to the street out of the race course. To the left you'll see a start gate. This starts a long, multi-vehicle race much akin to the Raid challenge. The opponents cheat like crazy, so you most likely won't win, but it's fun to race. If you head down the road some, you'll see more start points. There's one for a solo checkpoint race. At the finish to the race by the lodge, there's immediately another start gate that starts another multi-vehicle check-point run.

Don't expect the hand-edited quality of the main career races. These races are treated like Race Editor races. IE: the kind you can make in the editor where you just select race type and drop way-points down. When you win it says "nice race, try editing it to increase the challenge" or some such.

So, don't get your hopes up that you're unlocking some amazing, super-secret 3/4 of the game that'll blow your socks off with quality or complexity. Most are tagged as challenge races, but there's some career races in the IndianMissions.tsc file, too. Not sure how those pan out, though.

Increase FUEL Barrel Frequency

This link here discusses how to increase the frequency of FUEL barrels on the landscape, and where they can show up (which also increases the frequency they show up, since you're letting them show up in more locations). You can be riding around in a FUEL barrel wonderland!


This mod was created by Vertron, and contains a bunch of sub-mods / patches to enhance your game. Some are cheats (eg: invulnerable vehicles, unlock all vehicles/zones, unlock debug menu w/o tweaking game files, etc) while others are tweaks (eg: no bloom, no blur, altered menus, etc). The mod contains a tweaked core & patch that slightly enhances the overall game without breaking it or cheating (eg: tweaked helicopter routs during 'Heli-chase' races, so you can better determine where that damn bird is going!) It's a highly-recommended mod, and when I last checked Vertron was still working on it / supporting it.

The only down-side is it tweaks some of the AI's to be too good, making some races impossible or close to it. (EG: With mod installed Tsunami Reef's Asphalt Medusa Legendary race becomes brutally difficult to win with the Wild Wolf while it's normally fairly easy to win, the Dragonfly in Tsunami Reef's Muscle Car Seek-n-Destroy is uncatchable making the challenge un-winnable, etc.) If you have the mod installed, and find a race too difficult or impossible, try deactivating the mod and trying again.


I feel a bit pretentious adding my own mod here, but.. hey, it was a lot of work, so I'm going to toot my horn.

FUEL: RESHADED is basically a graphics shader overhaul for FUEL's shader files. The ModDB page lists all the stuff in more detail, but basically the new shader files:

  • cut unused code that was wasting gpu cycles processing, but not impacting anything
  • corrects faulty code (eg: code to calculate specular reflection was wrong)
  • optimizes code by replacing chunks with intrinsic HLSL functions, and optimizing math and formulas where possible.
  • implements code that Asobo wrote but didn't finish (eg: they had code to make rain cause vehicles to look wet, but didn't implement it. I reworked the code and got it to apply to everything: vehicles, ground, plants. So, in storms everything looks wet now.)
  • adds new feature (rain wetness mentioned above, anti-aliasing options, darker nights, brighter colors, etc)
  • setup file lets you turn things on/off (eg: bloom and eye adapt/dynamic luminance) and adjust values on other things to make them look how you want.

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