FUEL comes with a built-in race editor, but didn't come with any other modding tools. There are, however, some known cheats and mods to make things interesting.

Use Any VehicleEdit

  • Start Race
  • Go into map view
  • Press 'T' to cycle over to vehicles

You can only do this once per race (because your vehicle option is grayed out after you do this the first time). There's no rush or time limit to do this, so you don't have to worry about mashing the key quickly. You can do this any time during the race as long as you haven't opened the map view yet. You just have to be sure to hit 'T' as your first key, because if you hit 'Y' to go the other way the vehicle selection will get automatically grayed out.

While the obvious use of this is to blatantly cheat like a SOB (subbing in a better vehicle to win an annoying challenge or race), you can also use it to make what you want of the game:

  • You can limit yourself to a specific vehicle class (eg: motorcycles) for all challenges / races
  • You can handicap yourself by subbing in a crappier vehicle or vehicle class

Unlock Hidden Developer RacesEdit

Main article: Developer Races

Increase FUEL Barrel FrequencyEdit

This link here discusses how to increase the frequency of FUEL barrels on the landscape, and where they can show up (which also increases the frequency they show up, since you're letting them show up in more locations). You can be riding around in a FUEL barrel wonderland!

VehiclesParam.tsc Edit

VehiclesParam.tsc is a file containing all the various specifications of all the different vehicles.