FUEL Slipstream

Bikes are fast, quick and easy to handle...Those who like freedom in the wilderness will be ecstatic with this type of vehicle, but what they have in speed, they lack in durability. In a nutshell: the faster you go, the harder you'll fall. So ride around trees... not into them.

Unlike other vehicles, most bikes (Twin Freaks being the exception) want to hug / corner on asphalt turns instead of skidding / drifting around them. They'll still skid / drift on dirt-roads and off-road, though, and hitting the brakes or hand-brake will usually get them to skid on aspahlt.

Bikes are also like cats. You can usually drop down gently from a steep slope safely if you use your "lean forward / back" keys to land with all wheels flat. Mastering this helps win some races.

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