In the zone "BIg Cauldron's Edge", there is a large volcano on the west side of the lake. Since the entire setting of FUEL is based on the Intermontane Plateaus, it is undoubtedly Crater Lake, making the iconic volcano on the western side "Wizard's Island". It is possible to access the island: A sturdy monster truck with a careful driver can attempt to drive down the northwestern edge to a small series of shallow islands that lead to the volcano. Please be cautious driving down the crater's edge, use a strong vehicle (no, the Mosquito isn't going to cut it), and keep your speed as low as possible. One you reach the bottom, going back up is nearly impossible (I personally have not attempted it yet), but you can always get there by visiting its vista point and leave by teleporting anywhere else through the locations on the map.

Wizard Island Volcano

Wizard Island in Crater Lake, Orgeon - Where Big Cauldron's Edge is based

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