FUEL Avenger
Achievement drive    Avenger
Unlocked Tsunami Reef
Cost 4590
Speed FUEL Bar 3
Acceleration FUEL Bar 2
Grip FUEL Bar 2
Brake FUEL Bar 2
Reliability FUEL Bar 2
Asphalt FUEL Bar 3
Off-road FUEL Bar 3
Max Speed 98mph

  • Poor grip at low speeds (tire-spinning); Strong grip at fast speeds (decent drifting)
  • Asphalt & dirt road performance is good, but pure off-road performance is lackluster.
  • Its low acceleration off-sets its higher speed, making it difficult to get going and top out. So, it's really only useful in races involving long stretches of straight roads where it can max out that speed over time.
  • Compared to other buggies, you'll notice it seems to have delayed steering response and then once it does respond it seems to over-compensate, leaving you fish-tailing around trying to get back on course. This can be race-ending. The trick is to tap-tap-tap your turn keys instead of pressing / holding them. Very short tap-taps will keep you lined up on roads. A tad longer tap-taps will help you round corners. Hitting the brakes and slowing to about 1/2 speed will help you drift around major corners. Acceleration is this buggy's weak-point, so using this tap-tap method will help ensure you maintain speed as much as possible without losing control. May need a bit of practice in Free Ride mode to get used to it.
  • Generally, avoid using this buggy unless absolutely necessary (there's far better choices)
  • Appears to have a rear-engine, front-wheel-drive drivetrain, but is rear-wheel-drive in game.