FUEL Afterburner
Achievement drive    Afterburner
Unlocked Tsunami Reef
Cost Maverick
Speed FUEL Bar 5
Acceleration FUEL Bar 4
Grip FUEL Bar 6
Brake FUEL Bar 3
Reliability FUEL Bar 1
Asphalt FUEL Bar 6
Off-road FUEL Bar 1
Max Speed 120mph

  • One of the two "Crotch-rocket" styled street bikes that you unlock, the other being the Slipstream
  • Can reach top speed in seconds, unfortunately this will work against you in all races if you aren't on a straight-away
  • Holds the unique ability to make perfect 90 degree turns at high speed using the handbrake
  • Amazing grip on asphalt, poor grip on dirt roads, no grip offroad
  • Overly-sensitive "lean" can make it hard to control/master, but straight-away performance is exceptional
  • Almost no reliability whatsoever. (basically a piece of fiberglass with a jet engine strapped to it)
  • Since you can get it very early in the game, it can provide an edge in early, flat-terrain / asphalt competitions
  • Reasonable performance on dirt roads, but off-road performance is horrendous (like butter on a hot skillet)
  • As a street racing bike, it has horrendous hill-climbing ability on dirt roads and off-road from a stand-still. So, if you lose speed from a crash or go flying off the course, you're basically forfeiting the race as you watch your tires pointlessly spin while failing to gain traction.
  • Modeled after street racing bikes (600cc+), with a very Ducati-look to it